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Introduction to Polymer Physics

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On the 1st of August, Dr. He's done it again!

Full marks with honours for his project on sustainable mesoporous carbon electrodes for supercaps. In the first week of July, Dr. Gary Ellis , with the aid of Prof.

Apply for Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor/Professor in Polymer Science/Engineering

Peter Shuttleworth , in colaboration with Dr. The field of polymers is highly dynamic and interdisciplinary. Our Ph. We provide a broad and fundamental introduction to all the major polymer subfields as well as individualized courses of study. Although some students enter the program with previous polymer experience, either academic or industrial, a polymer background is not required. The PSE department's collection of polymer instrumentation is one of the largest in the world, a feature that permits doctoral students to gain unusually broad experimental proficiency during their thesis research.

Given the educational background of our Faculty, the core graduate designed curriculum is designed to cover fundamental principles spanning chemistry to engineering.